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Passbooks are Trickling In - is the Flood Coming Soon?

Large merchants are dipping their toes in the Passbook waters as they try to wrap their minds around this new app on the front screen of over 100 million iOS6 devices.  Here are a few examples of what you can find now:

Starbucks - Starbucks has allowed you to pay with your Starbucks iPhone App for months now.  The process was simple - open up your Starbucks App, click the “My Card” menu iteam, click the green “Touch to Pay” button, then scan your phone at the register.  Now, the process is even simpler once you add your Starbucks card to Passbook.  Simply open Passbook, click on your Starbucks card, and Scan.  

Sure, this only saves a few seconds now, but imagine a world where most chain merchants catch up to Starbucks and allow mobile payments through their apps.  They will give great rewards if you use their gift cards as opposed to your simple credit card, so you’re going to want to use the gift cards if you’re a savvy shopper.  You’d have to browse through your screens finding the app you need at a particular time.  With Passbook all of these gift cards will be in one spot.

Target - The Target Passbook uses GPS to show Passbook Holders all the deals available specifically for Passbook shoppers as you walk in the front door of your local store.  You’ll get deals the normal consumer would not, and you don’t have to do anything once you’ve installed the Target Passbook the first time - it will simply send a notification to your phone whenever you get in the vicinity of your preferred Target store.

Coupons - This blogger thinks that the flood gates will be opening soon on Passbook Coupons.  I see them popping up daily now, worldwide.  Today the UK restaurant chain Harvester created a coupon for €5 off any meal of at least €30.  A photographer in New Zealand, Kelly Newland, has a passbook for $100 Off of a special album.

What is Passbook - Passbook Coupon Example

If you’re wondering where to find coupon Passbooks like these you’re not the only one.  The good news is that someone has already created a Passbook Database to help you find and share Passbooks.  It’s called - they have both a website and an upcoming app, both location sensitive.  You’re able to search for all valid passbooks in your area or for anywhere you may be traveling.

We’ve got our ear to the ground for Passbook news.  Keep checking in!

What is a Passbook?

"What is a Passbook" is a very popular question since Apple announced the release of its new "Passbook" app on June 11th, 2012.

A passbook is, essentially, a file for your iPhone that will replace any type of ticket, coupon, or store card you would need to print and/or keep in your wallet.  

Passbook is a giant step towards a glorious wallet-less, paper-ticketless world.  Soon we’ll be buying our groceries by clicking a push notification button on our phone.  Soon we’ll have our concert, sporting event tickets, and store discounts and coupons pushed directly to our phone - no more printing, clipping, carrying, etc.  

Passbook files can be added to your Passbook App, which is a new standard home page app for any device running ios6 (Apple’s operating system for mobile devices, released September 19th, 2012).  A passbook is a particular file type that is able to be used by the Passbook App.  

Here’s an example Push Notification and Passbook File.  This passbook file will be used to replace boarding passes on United Airlines:

Pretty awesome, right?

Hopefully this answers your question “What is a Passbook.”  If you’d like to see what the Passbook App itself looks like then take a gander at this image, taken at the iPhone 5 announcement.

If you’re a small business owner looking to make your own passbooks just do a google search for “Passbook Creator” or “Passbook Generator.”  You’ll find a variety of options.

If you’re a consumer looking to find passbooks for coupons, there are also some passbook aggregation services. and it’s companion app is by far the best passbook aggregator.

If you have any questions about Passbook just post them in comments!

What Is Passbook?

Passbook is the place in your iPhone or iPod touch where you can store things you’d typically print out like Concert Tickets, Boarding Passes, Membership Cards, and Coupons.